KING’s Boisbriand Plant in Full Operation

One year ago, the Quebec Ministry of Environment granted King Packaged Materials Company the authorization to proceed with its new plant in Boisbriand, Quebec. Following rapid business growth throughout Quebec and Northeastern United States, the production capacity of KING’s previous plant in Blainville, Quebec, had been met and necessitated the purchase of a new facility.

As such, in November of 2012, King Packaged Materials Company moved to a new facility, 400% larger than the previous. With new production lines and computer-controlled batching systems, the Boisbriand plant boasted improved batch accuracy, more effective recycling of waste material, and better quality control.

Twelve months later, the new facility has two lines dedicated to 30 KG packages, with high-speed bagging and palletizing lines, as well as a high-speed wrapper. The Boisbriand plant also has a line dedicated to large bulk bags (1000 kg, 1500 kg, 2200 kg), with a high-speed bagger and an automatic wrapper. Lastly, the Quebec facility has a hybrid line that allows either small 30 KG bags or large bulk bags (1000 kg, 1500 kg) to be packaged for special customer orders.

The new capacity allows our company to fill the large warehouse with regularly stocked products, and in turn, permits us to meet the customer service expectations of all of KING’s regular customers. The set-up at the Boisbriand plant allows for the production and storage of additional tonnage, and permits King Packaged Materials Company to deliver materials to new projects it could not consider in the past.

Plant personnel at the Boisbriand location are proud to work at this flagship facility, as it is equipped with the advanced technologies that allow our company to meet the highest of quality standards. Moreover, Quebec unionized employee satisfaction is at its highest, due to the friendly and safe working environment created at this plant.

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