Welcome to KPM Industries Ltd.’s New Website

KPM Industries Ltd. would like to welcome you to its new website! Over the last year, KING has been working on the Website Redesign Project that has transformed its former website, developed in 2008, into the website you see today. As with the previous site, KING partnered again with Thrillworks Inc., a leading digital marketing and technology company located in Burlington, Ontario. Through this longstanding and highly collaborative partnership, we are proud to bring you the next iteration of KING’s online brand position. Help us embrace the next generation of web presence for KPM Industries Ltd., as you experience this visually dynamic, easy-to-navigate and responsively designed website.

As you will notice, the new website follows the same general structure as the previous website, with a corporate presence, as well as seven individual “microsites” to reflect each of the diverse functional groups at KING. As before, web content is available in both English and French. Since the former website’s release five years ago, much technological advancement has taken place in various areas of web development. In turn, KING has integrated several cutting-edge technologies into the new website. Of these technological advancements, KING’s new site incorporates Responsive Web Design and Central Search Functionality, as well as an innovative Content Management System that will be a first for our company.

Responsive Web Design (RWD) is a website design approach aimed at crafting sites to provide an optimal viewing experience. Characteristics of responsively designed websites include easy reading and navigation with minimum resizing, panning and scrolling, across a wide range of devices (i.e. mobile phones, tablets, desktop computer monitors, etc.). As such, the mobile-friendly view of the KING website has been modeled after our company’s Construction Products mobile site that was developed in October of 2012 to house product resources (Technical Data Sheets and Material Safety Data Sheets), linked to QR Codes on packaging.

Next, Central Search Functionality is available on each and every page within the new KING website. A large and easily accessible search bar is featured in the top right-hand corner of each webpage and allows for web users to enter a wide variety search terms, in order to retrieve relevant results. Search functionality has been enhanced compared to that available through the previous website, since more liberal search terminology is now permitted. What’s more, almost the entire new website is formatted in “live” HTML text, as opposed to formatted in PDF document form, which aids in relevant search result retrieval. Still, web users who prefer PDF downloads, can click the “Send the PDF” or “Print the PDF” buttons placed on most webpages.

On the whole, the new KING website incorporates a greater number and greater diversity of visual mediums, than in the past. Both still and moving photos, as well as video, have been integrated, to enhance the attention-grabbing capability of the site. Not to mention, functionality has been added, to embed YouTube videos on product webpages and also link related Social Media feeds to the company website.

To view the Virtual Tour of the new KING website, click on the video below! For more information about the KING’s Website Design Project, please direct questions to marketing@kpmindustries.com.

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