King Water Main Mortar & King MS-D1 Shotcrete Certified to NSF/ANSI-61 Standard

Effective immediately, King Water Main Mortar and King MS-D1 Shotcrete have been certified as barrier materials meeting the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) and American National Standards Institute’s (ANSI) standard, NSF/ANSI-61 Drinking Water System Component, which pertains to materials that come into contact with public drinking water.

This designation is established by the Canadian Standards Association (CSA), and grants NSF/ANSI-61 status throughout both Canada and the United States. The standard is significant to King Water Main Mortar as the main application for this product is relining of steel water mains. Additionally, the certification is critical to King MS-D1 Shotcrete as this product is used to repair concrete structures that come in contact with drinking water.

This standard establishes the minimum health effect requirements for materials, components, products, or systems that come into contact with drinking water, drinking water treatment chemicals, or both. The NSF/ANSI-61 standard concerns, but is not limited to, the following materials: pipes, fittings, and related products; protective barrier materials (coatings, linings/liners, cement, admixtures); joining and sealing materials (adhesives, lubricants, elastomers); process media (activated carbon, sand, ion exchange resin, regenerated media); mechanical devices used in water treatment and distribution (valves, pumps, filters, chlorinators); and end-point devices used in dispensing drinking water (faucets, riser tubes, supply stops).

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