Fiori DB X35 (Bag-Lifting Concrete Mixer)

The Fiori DB X35 bag-lifting, mobile, concrete mixer is designed for mixing pre-packaged concrete, shotcrete and mortar mixes in locations where conventional ready-mix concrete is difficult or inefficient to use. This machine’s four-wheel drive and four-wheel steering capabilities make it perfect for remote job-sites.

In cities where ready-mix truck deliveries can be detrimentally affected by long waits in traffic, the flexibility of producing concrete on-demand makes the Fiori DB X35 bag-lifting, concrete mixer a viable alternative for producing quality concrete at a reasonable price.

Due to its self-loading capability, this machine eliminates the need for fork-lifts or boom-trucks to load material into the mixer. The batching system allows for the accurately measurement and recording of all ingredients for each batch of concrete, thereby ensuring that quality control is maintained for every batch of concrete produced.

1. Diesel Engine

DIESEL ENGINE No Emission Compliance Stage IIIA/Tier 3 Stage IIIB/Tier 4 Interim
Model: PERKINS series 1,104 turbo PERKINS series 1,104 turbo PERKINS series 854 E turbo
Total displacement, no cylinders: 4,400cc – 4 in line 4,400cc – 4 in line 3,400cc – 4 in line + DPF
Injection: Mechanical control with direct injection Mechanical control with direct injection Electronic control with direct injection
Cooling: Air water cooling, dry Air water filter, dry Air water filter, dry air filter
Maximum power: 82.5 kW (112 Hp) 83 kW (113 Hp) 83 kW (113 Hp)
Adj. power: 82 kW (2,400 rpm) 83 kW (2,200 rpm) 83 kW (2,200 rpm)
Maximum torque: 404 Nm a 1,400 rpm 418 Nm a 1,400 rpm 450 Nm a 1,400 rpm

2. Electric System

Alternator: 12 V – 55 A
Battery: 12 V – 132 Ah (600 A)
Road light system.

3. Four-Wheel Drive (4X4)

Hydrostatic “automotive” transmission with variable displacement pump and variable displacement hydraulic motor with electro-hydraulic control, and reverse gear control on the steering wheel.

Electro-hydraulically controlled mechanical gearbox for “working speed” and “road transfer” speed.


4 forward gears 2 reverse gears 
1st: 0 – 3.0 km/h (0 – 1.9 mi/h) 0 – 3.0 km/h (0 – 1.9 mi/h)
2nd: 0 – 7.2 km/h (0 – 4.5 mi/h) 0 – 3.0 km/h (0 – 1.9 mi/h)
3rd: 0 – 10.0 km/h (0 – 6.2 mi/h) 0 – 10.0 km/h (0 – 6.2 mi/h)
4th: 0 – 25.0 km/h (0 – 15.5 mi/h) 0 – 10.0 km/h (0 – 6.2 mi/h)


Traction/weight ratio: 48%

4. Axles and Wheels

Front and steering with planetary reduction gears on the wheel hubs and flanged gearbox. Rear, oscillating (± 6°) with planetary reduction gears on the wheel hubs.

Tyres: 405/70-20 PR

5. Brakes

Internal oil-bath disc service and emergency brakes acting on the 4 wheels, activation with miniservo pump on independent dual circuit. Negative type parking brake, with internal oil-bath discs on the front axle and electro-hydraulically controlled releas

6. Steering

Assisted by means of load-sensing power steering with double displacement on 4 steering wheels; steering selection device for: 2 steering wheels, 4 steering wheels – crab steering.

7. Water System

“Self-priming” volumetric water pump with quick-suction.
Max. capacity: 250 litres/min.
Maximum head: 4 bar

Two connected tanks positioned opposite each other made of polyethylene with a total capacity of 870 litres.

Water feeding to the drum controlled by means of electromagnetic fl ow meter and fed litre reading on the cabin display.

Water pump activation from the driver’s seat. Suction selection from the ground with quick-coupling pipes.

8. Mixing and Unloading

Double-cone drum with double-spiral mixing screws and convex bottom.

Geometrical drum volume: 5,000 litres
Drum rotation speed: 24 rpm
Class S1 concrete produced as: 3.5 cu m

Drum rotation by means of a piston pump with variable fl ow rate and an orbital hydraulic motor in closed circuit with infinitesimal electrical control positioned in the cabin.

Unloading chute with hydraulic tilting by means of a double-acting jack and control placed inside the cabin.

1 unloading chute extension provided as standard equipment.

9. Equipment Hydraulic System

Gear pump
Max. flow rate: 45 litres/min.
Maximum pressure: 230 bar

3-element distributor servo-controlled with multi-function joystick.

Aluminium heat exchanger for hydraulic oil cooling.

Pressurised closed-circuit intake with oil filter replaceable from the outside.

10. Loader

Loading device with grab bucket and lifting arms controlled by double-acting hydraulic cylinders. Automatic unloading hatch driven by a mechanical lever.

Volumetric capacity: 680 litres
Number of loaderfuls per load: around 9

11. Cab

Closed cab with heating system, designed in accordance with ROPS & FOPS Level I standards.

Tilting front window.

Anatomic seat with flexible suspension and height adjustment, seat belts.

12. Service Refill Capacities

Fuel tank: 85 litres
Total hydraulic system capacity: 120 litres
Engine oil: 7.96 kg

13. Weights

Operating weight: 6,300 kg
Max gross weight:14,900 kg
Load-carring capacity: 8,700 kg

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