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Our mission is to participate in the preservation of built heritage by offering the best products, skills and techniques in the field of masonry restoration.

At KING, we manufacture and distribute a range of products made from a variety of sands mixed with binders, which have historical characteristics such as hydrated lime, hydraulic lime or natural cement. Our highly qualified team is composed of honest and competent individuals who can guide you through your project, every step of the way.

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KING Masonry Products

KING Masonry Products include a variety of mortars and grouts specially designed for new construction and for the restoration of old masonry applications.

As a leader in the production of pre-packaged mortars and grouts, the KING Masonry Products group is a reliable pillar of the masonry market. Our loyal customers choose us because of the expertise of our team and our ability to work closely with architects to meet their exact specifications. With our highly trained technical staff, we are recognized as an honest and responsible partner in the masonry field.

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