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KING Shotcrete Solutions include a wide array of shotcrete products, each with different technical properties and attributes. In addition, we offer a large selection of equipment and machinery, each piece with different features and capabilities.

View the shotcrete and equipment brochure below, and use the selection chart on the back, to identify products that meet certain specifications.

King Shotcrete Equipment – Direct Mail Piece
King Shotcrete Equipment Brochure
Your Distributor of Aliva Equipment – Direct Mail Piece
KING Shotcrete Solutions Brochure
KSE Canadian Parts Catalogue

King Packaged Materials company is a proud member of the American Shotcrete Association (ASA)!


King Packaged Materials Company is a proud member of the Tunnelling Association of Canada (TAC)!


KING's Engineering Services Team offers a variety of specification documents. E-Mail to request these resources.


For Resources & Publications pertaining to Concrete, Grout or Repair Mortar, visit the KING Construction Products site.