Company History

KING Celebrates 90 Years in Business

Back in 1928, William Whitaker King could never have imagined that his name would appear on a piece of road-building equipment. He never could have predicted how prominent and recognizable this name would be throughout the industry, 90 years later. W.W. King would never have dreamed that his name would be known amongst backyard building enthusiasts, throughout the provinces of Quebec and Ontario. He could never have predicted that the King name would be so prominent in the underground mines of Northern Ontario and Quebec, throughout the subways of North America’s busiest and biggest cities, or on mortar silos throughout Eastern Canada.

However the King name has survived. Through economic booms, recessions and depressions, a World War, several changes in ownership, and even after the passing of W.W. King himself, the King name has not only survived, but also flourished. Through King Packaged Materials Company, the King name continues to be associated with superior quality. The name is also associated with an excellent and welcoming company at which to work.

It is rare in this day and age that a company survives long enough to celebrate 90 years in business. This accomplishment can only be attributed to significant contribution from King employees, and not only those of today, but also those who have worked under the many King companies over the past 90 years. As we reflect on the wonderful history of this great company, we have the next 90 years to look forward to. As for what King will look like in the next 90 years, it’s anyone’s guess!