QR Code Packaging for 5 King Products

Effective immediately, five King products have been introduced with QR Code packaging. This packaging innovation reflects the movement in the marketplace toward interactive, product resources. The addition of the QR Code on the bags also echoes King Packaged Materials Company’s commitment to continuous improvement and technological advancement.
A QR Code, or “Quick Response” Code, is a two-dimensional, matrix barcode that promotes fast readability and large data-storage capacity. This small, pixilated image can encode and decode information at high speeds, and is increasingly prevalent within the construction products industry amid other sectors. Moreover, widespread Smartphone availability has prompted an increase in QR Code scanning from packaged goods.
One of the King products to feature a QR Code on its packaging, is the consumer-oriented masonry product, King MasonBond 400. The remaining four products that feature a QR Code on-pack, are construction products: King MS-S6 Concrete, King MS-S6 Self-Consolidating Concrete, King MS-S10 Self-Consolidating Concrete, and King LM-S10 Concrete.
The King QR Code mobile experience provides users with the most relevant information for each of the products.

Product with QR Code

Resources Linked to QR Code

King MasonBond 400 Technical Data Sheet


King MS-S6 Concrete Technical Data Sheet


King MS-S6 Self-Consolidating Concrete Technical Data Sheet


King MS-S10 Self-Consolidating Concrete Technical Data Sheet


King LM-S10 Concrete Technical Data Sheet


What’s more, King can alter the type of information linked with each QR Code. As such, the company will respond to industry preferences, on an ongoing basis, when providing these linked resources. King is taking a phased approach to the QR Code packaging initiative, and plans to feature a code on all of its industrial, Construction Products by the end of 2013.

Contact Name: Shannon Polk
Contact E-Mail: marketing@kpmindustries.com

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