KPM Industries Ltd. Relocates Head Office

KPM Industries Ltd. is pleased to announce that as of October 22, 2018, the company Head Office will be relocating to Oakville. The new address is:

555 Michigan Drive, Suite 100, Oakville, Ontario, L6L 0G4

The new Oakville office is conveniently located within minutes of the former office, and is accessible to major highway and public transit amenities. In addition, the new location is within close proximity to restaurants, retailers, hotels and entertainment, as well as parks and green-spaces. As for the facility, a contemporary, barrier-free design with an abundance of natural light will be the new backdrop for KPM’s progressive approach to a people-centered space. Amenities will include height-adjustable work-spaces, updated audio-visual meeting rooms, as well as open-area soft-seating to promote collaboration.

The foundation for the new design was inspired by KPM Industries Ltd.’s core values. In turn, the executive team committed to a design strategy that would support a healthy, people-first work-space; one that breaks down barriers and inspires people to do their best work; one that promotes collaboration, innovation and wellness; and ultimately one that fosters positive growth and performance for the company and all of its employees.

In pursuance of a design strategy guided by the company’s core values, the team identified the following opportunities for improvement. These elements have been captured in the overall construction and design of the new corporate headquarters:

  • With regards to Quality, the new office has been engineered for improved air quality and thermal control, as well as for reduced noise or disruption through sound-masking technologies, acoustic paneling and wall coverings
  • With regards to Innovation, the company sought out upgraded AV systems, unified communication tools, and upgraded wireless access to support a flexible and highly collaborative work environment
  • With regards to Wellness, a modern space full of natural light incorporates a connection to nature through plants, organic materials, and decorative motifs inspired by the natural environment
  • With regards to Accessibility, ergonomic, height-adjustable and wheelchair-accessible work-spaces promote both movement and inclusion
  • With regards to Health & Safety, the new space introduces a first aid room, quiet areas, private meeting rooms, as well as card-secure building access
  • With regards to Stewardship, a sensitivity to our planet is supported with lighting occupancy sensors, recycling programs, alongside the reallocation and re-use of previous office furniture

During the month of September 2018, KPM Industries Ltd. will be implementing a communication plan. The company’s administrative and accounting groups will be communicating to AR/AP accounts so that accurate invoicing, billing, collections, pick-ups and deliveries can take place. Additionally, the marketing group will be engaging with key partners to share this exciting corporate news. Take a look at the moving postcard below!


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