Oakville Office Project Wins IDC “Value of Design” Award

As we approach the one year anniversary of the Oakville office relocation, KPM Industries is extremely pleased to congratulate SGH Design Partners on winning the 2019 Value of Design Award (VODA) issued by the Interior Designers of Canada for innovation in demonstrating the positive human and business impacts of design thinking. SGH Design Partners has over 30 years of experience with transforming workplaces in addition to numerous accreditations and awards. KPM Industries is incredibly thankful for the dedication and hard work by all parties involved.

KPM Industries Oakville Office Project Meeting Boardroom

The Redesign Project

At the onset of design planning for their new corporate headquarters, KPM aimed to create an environment that is consistent with the company’s core values; a satisfying work environment whereby people are inspired to innovate, continuously improve products and services, and are empowered with the necessary resources to do their best work. An environment that promotes wellness, stewardship of our natural environment and translates to future growth and profit performance that allows KPM to carry out their commitment.

“We ultimately sought to implement a workplace design that’s cohesive with our company’s brand values and culture. By virtue of recognizing that workplace design is really about people – creating a functional and engaging work environment – KPM shifted the primary focus from real estate efficiency to meeting the needs of the people who use it.

KPM’s investment in a human-centered work environment embodies openness, flexibility, collaboration, and innovation – a progressive approach which has ultimately translated to a more positive day-to-day experience, improving employee engagement and performance – in turn, positioning us for talent recruitment, enhanced company growth, development and overall, driving improved business results.

With gratitude to our team and many talented partners, special thanks to SGH Design Partners, whose inspiration and commitment to this project allowed us to seize a tremendous opportunity to leverage the true value of design, supporting not only our Company’s business goals but also our quality of life.
– Tara Unrau, Project Lead, KPM Industries Ltd.

KPM Industries Oakville Office Project Kitchen Eatery

The Oakville Office Today

Thanks to the collaboration between the KPM Team, SGH Design Partners, Ingenuity General Contractors, and Ellington Partners, the award-winning space was born. The new Oakville office is bright, inviting, and breaks down traditional barriers. A variety of large and small scale, open and enclosed, barrier-free, ergonomic workspaces encourage employees to move around, collaborate, socialize or focus on tasks. Furthermore, glass partitions and walls keep the office connected to the environment and others, with views to the outdoors and active collaborative spaces. King is proud to have been a part of this award-winning project and they congratulate SGH Design Partners for receiving the Value of Design Award and their contribution in delivering a modern, people-first workspace that employees can call home.

“KPM Industries, like many other growing companies, decided to take a giant leap out of their comfort zone and completely reinvent their workplace interiors while still maintaining the core culture and values that made them who they are today. I was thrilled to be a part of this transformation. It was a team effort and the dedication shown by all parties has resulted in an exceptional space where the employees are excited to come to every morning. Change is not an easy concept to accept, but sometimes the positives outweigh the negatives to staying static, this was definitely an example of that. Congrats on your beautiful space and enjoy every minute of it.”

– Atena Nejad, Design Team Lead, SGH Design Partners

KPM Industries Oakville Office Project Hallway Seating

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