Labour Dispute at Globe Metallurgical Inc. Leads to Industry Wide Silica Fume Shortage

A labour dispute at Globe Metallurgical Inc. has resulted in an industry wide silica fume shortage. As to not disrupt production or adversely affect our customers, King Packaged Materials Company has secured an alternate source of silica fume. This change in supply will cause the following King products to have a slightly darker colour than before:

  • MS-D1 Shotcrete
  • MS-D1 Accelerated Shotcrete
  • MS-D1 Synthetic Fiber Shotcrete
  • MS-D1 Steel Fiber Shotcrete
  • MS-D3 Shotcrete
  • MS-D3 Accelerated Shotcrete
  • MS-D3 Structural Synthetic Fiber Shotcrete


  • MS-W1 Shotcrete
  • MS-W1 Synthetic Fiber Shotcrete
  • MS-S6 Concrete
  • MS-S6 Self-Consolidating Concrete
  • MS-S10 Concrete
  • MS-S10 Self-Consolidating Concrete
  • HP-S10 Concrete

King Packaged Materials Company maintains that this minor variation in colour is an esthetic change only, and that no other properties of these products have changed. The silica fume to be used is of equal quality to that used previously, and meets the high technical standards to which all King construction products adhere.

For more information about any of the construction products offered by our company, visit Lastly, please direct any technical questions to your King Technical Service Representative.

Contact Name: Simon Reny

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