Appointment of Vice President of Sales for Construction Products Group

To help facilitate our future growth plans, King Packaged Materials Company is pleased to announce the appointment of Scott Rand to the newly created position of Vice President of Sales for the Construction Products Group.

In this position, Scott will continue to be responsible for all sales activities involving all Construction Products materials and equipment markets, and will also be responsible for the further development of our technical sales team, so that we will be better positioned to capitalize on future growth opportunities.

Scott began his career with King as a Technical Sales Representative 17 years ago and over the years, has taken on added sales and sales management responsibilities for the Construction Products Group. Scott has played a major role in the growth of our U.S. markets and has led the sales team that has grown the King Shotcrete brand to become the leading brand in the North American shotcrete industry. His involvement in major, award winning projects such as the construction of New York’s East Side Access Tunnel and the rehabilitation of Detroit’s Lodge M-10 Freeway also helped strengthen King’s reputation as an industry leader.

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