RS-D1 Shotcrete Added to Transport Quebec “Accepted Product List”

Effective, January 13, 2016, KING RS-D1 Shotcrete has been added to the Transport Quebec “Accepted Product List” for 2016. Following customer demand for an ultra rapid strength gain shotcrete to use on Transport Quebec projects, RS-D1 Shotcrete is now approved and ready to be used.

RS-D1 Shotcrete is a high performance, ultra rapid strength gain, dry-mix shotcrete for overhead and vertical construction jobs requiring rapid re-opening to traffic, or an accelerated construction schedule. RS-D1 Shotcrete has been developed to provide rapid strength gain, very low rebound, enhanced shrinkage-cracking resistance and excellent durability when exposed to freeze-thaw conditions or salt-scaling. In order to further reduce the construction schedule, RS-D1 Shotcrete has been developed using a simplified curing method consisting of applying two coats of a water-based curing compound that complies with ASTM C 309.

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